General Information

Research Fair

The research fair is the annual meeting for researchers and students to share and discuss about the job of researcher and the research topics at the University.

When and where? 1st of March 2012, in the hall of the K building of the Solbosh campus.


Research is an equally essential mission of the University as teaching and community service.

Some of you might have already asked themselves that question, some others never will. Some have an idea of what research consists in, but are these ideas correct?

Throughout history and around the world, universities have contributed to push forward science in order to identify the ideas of what would the future be like. Many applications of our everyday life are the result of a reflection born in a research laboratory.

Other ideas have failed or have led to very interesting results, but may have not been transformed into applications. Because research can be applied as well as fundamental, whith the aim of crating products or for exploratory purposes, to better understand things.

In our university, these researches are carried out in different areas.

Remember that your teachers are before everything else researchers, as are your assistants, and that beyond the studious atmosphere of the teaching labs exists a life devoted to its research with its own labs, its own employees!

But why take an interest in that? First, research is a showcase of the university, your university, and the knowledge of your own school is good to develop…Perhaps will you need it someday? Getting to know research also consists in knowing what makes the lives of your teachers, and thus in finding out more about an aspect of your future career. It’s never too much information when it comes to choosing your orientation. Finally, it is also a career opportunity. Did you know that you faculty, with about twenty jobs per year, is the leading provider of employment for our graduates? Before you miss such an opportunity, it’s always better to take a look, for research does not consists in being locked in a laboratory, and provides an international framework. Research is not reserved for elite, although it is certainly not suitable for everyone.

This March 1, why not take some of your free time to discover research at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and who knows, maybe win a prize by the election of best poster.