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Research Projects

Current Projects

  • ICT4Rehab: Advanced ICT Platform for Rehabilitation
  • OSCB: Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels
  • VariBru: Variability in Software-Intensive Product Development

Concluded Projects

  • ANTS: Towards a Foundation of Ant Algorithm
  • ASCENS: ASCENS: Autonomic Service Component Ensembles
  • BDMECH: Big Data in the Monitoring of the Energy Consumption and habits in Households
  • BIGRE: Bioinformatics Grid Resources and Environments
  • BioMaze: Software tools enabling the storage, analysis and visualization of biochemical networks
  • COLOMBO: Cooperative Self-Organizing System for low Carbon Mobility at low Penetration Rates
  • COMEX: Combinatorial Optimization: Metaheuristics and Exact Methods
  • COMP2SYS: COMPutational intelligence methods for COMPlex SYStems
  • DEMIURGE: DEMIURGE - Automatic design of robot swarms
  • E-SWARM: E-SWARM: Engineering Swarm Intelligence System
  • ECAgents: Embodied and Communicating Agents
  • EVAL: Evaluation Methodology and Secure Generic Software in a multi-users environment
  • EvoNeuroFuzzy: Soft computing techniques for optimization and control
  • FaMiMo: Fuzzy algorithms for multi-input-multi-output processes
  • FuSion: Fusion of uncertain data
  • H2SWARM: H2SWARM: Hierarchical Heterogeneous Swarm
  • InSilico: The in Silico Wet Lab
  • iVISION: Développement d'un logiciel de visualisation pour l'aide multicritère à la décision
  • LOBSTER: Location-based and semantic web services
  • MBSTDTG: Molecular bases of signal transduction diseases of thyroid gland
  • Meta-X: Meta-X: Metaheuristics for Complex Optimization Problems
  • MetaHeuristics: Metaheuristics network
  • MeThod: Maximum efficiency for process centrifugal compressors
  • MIBISOC: Medical Imaging Using Bio-inspired and Soft Computing
  • MurMur: Multiple Representations and Multiple Resolutions in Geographic Databases
  • SEA: Proposition of a Strategic Environmental Assessment process for the Brussels Capital Region
  • SMART: Statistical Monitoring Applied to Research Trials
  • Swarm construction: Swarm construction
  • Swarm-bots: Swarms of self-assembling artefacts
  • Swarmanoid: Towards Humanoid Robotic Swarms
  • SwarmCom: Communication Policies in Swarm Intelligent Systems

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