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Acronym OSCB
Name Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels
Home Page
Description The project aims to cover Brussels, metaphorically speaking of course, with a cloud of structured and interlinked information elements produced by "atomizing" a collection of relevant databases and other resources. Linked Data is a global initiative to interlink resources on the Web using two "simple" technologies: Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) for accessing the resources and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) for representing knowledge and annotating those resources. Various governments (UK, US, Germany) are launching initiatives to (a) make public sector data easily available with Linked Data and (b) encourage researchers to analyze the data as well as application developers to build applications around that data, in order to stimulate innovation, business and the general wealth of society.
Persons A. Vaisman, S. Vansummeren, E. Zimányi
Funding Brussels Capital Region
Dates 2011-02-01 to date


List of publications of the project:

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