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Acronym Swarm-bots
Name Swarms of self-assembling artefacts
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Description The main scientific objective of the Swarm-bots project is to study a novel approach to the design and implementation of self-organising and self-assembling artefacts. This novel approach finds its theoretical roots in recent studies in swarm intelligence, that is, in studies of the self-organising and self-assembling capabilities shown by social insects and other animal societies. The main tangible objective of the project is the demonstration of the approach by means of the construction of at least one of such artefact. We intend to construct a swarm-bot. That is, an artefact composed of a number of simpler, insect-like, robots(s-bots), built out of relatively cheap components, capable of self-assembling and self-organising to adapt to its environment.
Keywords swarm intelligence, ant algorithms, robotics, ad-hoc networks
Persons C. Ampatzis, A. Campo, A. Christensen, M. Dorigo, R. Groß, T. H. Labella, S. Nouyan, R. O'Grady, V. Trianni, E. Tuci
Funding Future and Emerging Technologies, IST, European Commission
Dates 2001-10-01 to 2005-03-31


List of publications of the project:

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