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Acronym COMEX
Name Combinatorial Optimization: Metaheuristics and Exact Methods
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Description The Combinatorial Optimization: Metaheuristics and EXact methods (COMEX) project is an Inter-university attraction pole funded by BELSPO. The main objectives of this project are:
- Bring together the available Belgian expertise on combinatorial optimization problems, exploit synergies between the partner research groups, and create a network with a sufficient mass to attract young and experienced top-level scientists in Belgium, and further financing for research in the field.
- Train young researchers in the field of combinatorial optimization. These profiles are in high demand, both in academic research centers worldwide and in private organizations.
- Develop new models, algorithmic techniques and implementations for complex, large-scale combinatorial optimization problems.
- Develop new international collaborations with other large teams working in the field of combinatorial optimization.
Keywords Combinatorial Optimization, automatic algorithm configuration, metaheuristics, swarm intelligence
Persons M. Abbas, L. Bezerra, J. Dubois-Lacoste, M. López-Ibáñez, F. Mascia, S. Oliveira, L. Pérez Cáceres, T. Stützle
Funding BELSPO
Dates 2013-10-01 to 2017-09-30


List of publications of the project:

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