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Acronym BioMaze
Name Software tools enabling the storage, analysis and visualization of biochemical networks
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Description The objective of the project is to develop tools for the storage, analysis, and visualization of biochemical pathways, in particular (1) metabolic pathways with genetic regulation, (2) signal transduction, and (3) interaction graphs describing all possible interactions between two biochemical entities. In this context we develop a generic graph visualization tool, called Visual BioMaze. Such is a framework can cope with any kind of graph independently of its semantics and allowing the user to choose both a suited representation model and a suited graph layout algorithm.
Keywords bio-informatics, biochemical pathways, visualization
Persons S. Skhiri dit Gabouje, E. Zimányi
Funding WIST, Wallonia Region
Dates 2003-09-01 to 2006-09-01


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