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  • ACO-code: A collection of implementations of the Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic.
  • AODV-PHY: Linux 2.2 kernel module that implements a physical-constrained routing algorithm for wireless ad-hoc and mesh networks.
  • Bankadviser: Industrial evaluation.
  • Bibiophile: A collection of libraries for Web-based literature database development that were created to align the development of bibliographic databases for the Web. It is an open-source project hosted at sourceforge.
  • D-Side: Group Decision Support System.
  • Decision Lab 2000: Multicriteria decision aid.
  • F-RACE: The race package for R: A parallel implementation of an original racing method for the selection of the best.
  • irace: Iterated Race Package for Automatic Algorithm Configuration
  • JPIB: Open Source implementation of JAVA bindings for IEEE 488 instruments. This library allows to enumerate any instrument on a given GPIB bus and has functions to send and receives synchronous messages to instruments. From a design point-of-view, this library conforms to the JAVA Communication API standard. IEEE 488.1 and IEEE 488.2 instruments are supported.
  • LAZY: The lazy package for R: An original self-tuning lazy learning algorithm based on local leave-one-out validation.
  • Local Models for Regresion: Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System: A user-friendly Matlab toolbox for neuro-fuzzy identification and data analysis.
  • MADS tools: A series of tools for desigining and querying a spatio-temporal databases with multi-representation features. These tools are based on the MADS conceptual model. The tools comprise a schema editor, a query editor, and a query viewer.
  • Promcalc:
  • Pulcinella: A tool for Propagating Uncertainty through Local Computations based on the general framework af valuation systems proposed by Shenoy and Shafer.

Updated: 2017-03-27