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Acronym COMP2SYS
Name COMPutational intelligence methods for COMPlex SYStems
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Description The COMP2SYS Early Stage Training project focuses on the training of early stage researchers to the use of Computational Intelligence techniques for the treatment of complex systems in science and engineering. The programme aims at developing the knowledge and skills necessary to solve complex problems using the powerful emergent methods and tools of Computational Intelligence, examples of which are swarm intelligence, machine learning and evolutionary computation. COMP2SYS is designed for early stage researchers from a wide range of disciplines, to enable them to apply these important technologies effectively within their own disciplines.
Keywords swarm intelligence, ant algorithms, optimization, metaheuristics, swarm robotics, ant colony optimization, visualization
Persons P. Balaprakash, H. Bersini, N. Bhalla, G. Bontempi, A. Campo, A. Christensen, J.-L. Deneubourg, M. Dorigo, M. Manfrin, R. O'Grady, T. Stützle, E. Tuci
Funding Marie Curie programme, European Commission
Dates 2004-04-01 to 2008-03-31


List of publications of the project:

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