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Acronym ANTS
Name Towards a Foundation of Ant Algorithm
Description Theoretical and empirical research on algorithms inspired by the behavior of ants and more in general of social insects. These algorithms are particularly successful for solving a number of difficult problems emerging in combinatorial optimization, telecommunications, robotics, etc.
Keywords ant algorithms
Persons D. Agrawal, C. Ampatzis, A. Badia, G. J. Bex, M. Birattari, S. Boulahya, J. Bruggeman, P. Buneman, A. Chapman, J. Cheney, S. Chong, P. de Wachter, M. Dorigo, A.-S. Feyaerts, N. Foster, W. Gelade, R. Groß, Y. Kalfoglou, A. Kementsietsidis, C.-T. Lu, M. Montes de Oca, F. Neven, S. Nouyan, G. Pozzani, E. L. Robertson, L. Saxton, C. Schoonenbergh, M. Seltzer, W. C. Tan, D. Van de Craen, J. Van den Bussche, D. Van Gucht, G. Vossen, A. Werth, O. Wolfson
Funding Scientific Research Directorate of the French Community of Belgium
Dates 2003-10-01 to 2008-09-30


List of publications of the project:

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