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Members Alumni Collaborators
    Bersini, Hugues
    Dorigo, Marco

Academic staff:
    Birattari, Mauro
    Stützle, Thomas

    Decreton, Muriel

    Bozhinoski, Darko
    Heinrich, Mary Katherine
    Marchal, Bruno
    Pinciroli, Carlo
    Piscopo, Carlotta
    Roukny, Tarik
    Venet, David
    Wahby, Mostafa

PhD students:
    Antoun, Anthony
    Devooght, Robin
    Francesca, Gianpiero
    Franzin, Alberto
    Hammami, Hayfa
    Ipparthi, Dhananjay
    Levasseur, Guillaume
    Mathews, Nithin
    Miletitch, Roman
    Nicodeme, Thibaut
    Oliveira, Sabrina
    Pagnozzi, Federico
    Pérez Cáceres, Leslie
    Sabatier, Fabrice
    Strobel, Volker
    Trabattoni, Marco
    Vermeir, Aurélien
    Yuan, Zhi
    Zhu, Weixu

Research assistant:
    Garattoni, Lorenzo

Teaching assistant:
    Waumans, Michaël

Visiting PhD students:
    Wiandt, Bernat
    YueFeng, Lin
    Zabalo Manrique de Lara, Garazi
    Zhang, Yuwei
    Zheng, Yating

Master student:
    Delhaisse, Brian

Visiting researcher:
    Tamura, Yasumasa

InSilico spinoff:
    Coletta, Alain
    de Schaetzen, Virginie
    Duqué, Robin
    Weiss Solís, David

Marchal, Bruno
Scientific career
Bruno Marchal was born in Köln (Germany) in 1955. From 1973 to 1977 he finished his Candidatures and Licences in the Mathematical Sciences at Brussels Free University (ULB). From 1977 till 1991 he has been teaching Mathematics at High School and Institutes. He has also worked for the private society PLANT GENETIC SYSTEMS (Ghent/Brussels). From 1991 till 1995 he worked at IRIDIA and wrote his PhD thesis. From 1995 to 97 he worked at the "Université de Lille" in France from which he earned a DEA in computer science. In 1998 he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Université de Lille for his PhD thesis, entitled "Calculabilite, Physique et Cognition"", for which he has been awarded the french "Prix Le Monde de la Recherche Universitaire". He is currently working at IRIDIA in Brussels.

His main interest are the foundation of the physical sciences, the foundation of the cognitive science and the mind-body problem. His main known contributions consist in the discovery of the first person computationalist indeterminacy, the incompatibility of digital mechanism and weak forms of physicalism, and the empirical testability of computationalism (or digital mechanism).
Postal address
Université Libre de Bruxelles
50, Av. F. Roosevelt, CP 194/6
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Personal web page
Phone IRIDIA: +32-2-650 27 29
Fax IRIDIA: +32-2-650 27 15

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