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Swarm Intelligence Metaheuristics Bioinformatics Business Intelligence
Swarm Intelligence Metaheuristics Bioinformatics Business Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

Swarm intelligence is an artificial intelligence technique that involves the design of algorithms or distributed problem-solving mechanisms using the collective behavior of social insect colonies and other animal societies as inspiration. Swarm intelligence systems are typically made up of a population of simple agents interacting locally with one another and with their environment. IRIDIA is a world leader in two of the most successful areas of research in swarm intelligence: Ant colony optimization (ACO) and Swarm robotics.

ACO is a metaheuristic optimization algorithm that can be used to find approximate solutions to difficult combinatorial optimization problems. In ACO, artificial ants build solutions by moving on a map of the problem space. Mimicking real ants, they deposit artificial pheromone on the map of the problem space in such a way that future artificial ants can build better solutions. ACO has been successfully applied to an impressive number of optimization problems.

Swarm robotics involves the application of swarm intelligence principles to large collections of robots. The recently completed SWARM-BOTS project succeeded in producing a viable distributed robotic system based on the swarm robotics methodology.


List of the relevant Iridia projects in the thematic area:

  • ANTS: Towards a Foundation of Ant Algorithm
  • ASCENS: ASCENS: Autonomic Service Component Ensembles
  • COMP2SYS: COMPutational intelligence methods for COMPlex SYStems
  • E-SWARM: E-SWARM: Engineering Swarm Intelligence System
  • MIBISOC: Medical Imaging Using Bio-inspired and Soft Computing
  • Swarm-bots: Swarms of self-assembling artefacts
  • Swarmanoid: Towards Humanoid Robotic Swarms
  • SwarmCom: Communication Policies in Swarm Intelligent Systems


List of publications concerning this thematic area:


Updated: 2017-03-27