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Swarm Intelligence Metaheuristics Bioinformatics Business Intelligence
Swarm Intelligence Metaheuristics Bioinformatics Business Intelligence


CoDE is being involved several areas of bioinformatics. One of them is the computational study of biological networks such as neural networks, immune networks or chemical reaction systems. We are trying to identify common features and common mechanisms in all of them. Many software are being developed and tested in straight interaction with researches in chemistry and biology. All these networks appear to grow in a similar manner, leading to similar topology. They all show an interdependency between their structural continuous alteration (topology, nodes and connections) and their internal dynamics (fixed points, oscillations or chaos). Their plasticity is the main reason behind their adaptability in the complex and always changing environment which surrounds these networks. Accordingly, we are also attempting to draw possible inspirations from their modelling for the conception of adaptive distributed engineering artefacts.


List of the relevant Iridia projects in the thematic area:

  • BIGRE: Bioinformatics Grid Resources and Environments
  • COMP2SYS: COMPutational intelligence methods for COMPlex SYStems
  • InSilico: The in Silico Wet Lab
  • MBSTDTG: Molecular bases of signal transduction diseases of thyroid gland
  • SMART: Statistical Monitoring Applied to Research Trials


List of publications concerning this thematic area:

Updated: 2017-03-27