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Information Systems Semantic Web Scientific Databases
Information Systems Semantic Web Scientific Databases

Information Systems

The research in this area focuses on conceptual modeling, spatio-temporal databases, geographical information systems, data warehouses, and bio-informatics. The laboratory of Web & Information Technologies collaborates actively with the Database Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) at Lausanne. As a result of this collaboration we have developed MADS, a spatio-temporal conceptual model that allows to capture the requirements of complex applications dealing with spatial and temporal information. The laboratory has also developed the MultiDimER model, a conceptual model targeted to data warehouses that can also include spatial and temporal features. Finally, in the area of bio-informatics, the laboratory has developed intelligent visualization techniques allowing to exploit the huge amount of information that is usually contained in biological applications.


List of the relevant projects on the thematic area:

  • BioMaze: Software tools enabling the storage, analysis and visualization of biochemical networks
  • ICT4Rehab: Advanced ICT Platform for Rehabilitation
  • LOBSTER: Location-based and semantic web services
  • MurMur: Multiple Representations and Multiple Resolutions in Geographic Databases
  • OSCB: Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels
  • VariBru: Variability in Software-Intensive Product Development


List of publications concerning this thematic area:

Updated: 2017-03-27